There is something to see throughout the whole year at the Botanic Garden.

From a collection of thousands of different plant varieties, we can only highlight a few. Before your visit, click on a season to see what plants are at their best.

Please bear in mind that flowerings can vary by some three to four weeks, depending on climatic conditions.

Early Summer
Late Summer
  • climbing & rambling roses
  • day lilies
  • geraniums
  • catmints
  • ornamental rhubarbs
  • penstemons
  • red hot pokers
  • heleniums
  • crocosmias
  • ornamental grasses
Bog Garden
  • japanese irises (more than 20 varieties)
  • astilbes

damselflies, dragonflies, butterflies widespread

  • gunneras
  • rodgersias
  • purple loosestrife
  • burnets
Japanese Garden
  • zebra grass
  • bug banes
Spring Woods
  • foxgloves
  • red campion
  • arum lily fruits
Double Walled Garden
  • sweet pea arches
  • day-lilies
  • irises
  • alliums
  • vegetable crops

schools’ garden flourishing

  • lilies
  • alstroemerias
  • crocosmias
  • asters
  • bananas

seasonal fruit and vegetables ripening

Boulder Garden
  • rock roses
  • aromatic herbs
  • alliums
  • perovskias

butterflies & bees widespread

  • evening primroses
  • red hot pokers
  • perovskias
  • cynaras
Great Glasshouse
  • aquilegias
  • kangaroo paws
  • king protea
  • californian annuals
  • sea-roses
  • giant lobelias
  • agapanthus
  • kangaroo paws

fragrance of flowers especially strong

  • water lilies
  • irises

damselflies & dragonflies widespread

  • heleniums
  • asters


best seen from across the lake

Wild Garden
  • black knapweed
  • purple loosestrife
  • maltese cross

butterflies, bugs & bees widespread

wrens feed on insects

  • asters
  • rudbeckias
  • heleniums
Waun Las NNR incl. Pont felin Gat wildflower meadows beg. of June

wildflowers in hedgerows wild orchids, pignuts

sheep-shearing on organic farm

Organic Farm

Welsh Country Walk

wildflowers in hedgerows

  • whorled caraway field

haymaking on species-rich meadows

red kite, buzzard, kestrel, snipe

General resident barn owls hunt to feed young

swifts sweep & dive in sky

views: mellow evenings enhance beauty of Welsh landscape