We collect fresh water from a borehole 90m beneath the Broadwalk.

How did we find it?

A water diviner, using nothing more than wire from a clothes hanger, discovered a small stream flowing beneath the sandstone rock.

What do we use the water for?

A network of tanks and pumps store and move the water around our toilets & water sculptures. It also fills our horticulturalists’ hoses and watering cans.

How else do we collect water?

The amazing Marion Kalmus water sculpture in our Gatehouse is fed by rainwater. We also water the Great Glasshouse plants with rain collected from its roof.

Is collecting water good for the environment?

Yes. It reduces society’s need for reservoirs – these waste energy and water from them needs chemically cleaning.

Also, plants prefer rainwater to tap water.

Do you want to save water in YOUR garden, here’s some tips.