At the Garden we try and recycle as much of our waste as possible.

In our offices we reduce our waste by using scrap paper for printing internal documents. We recycle all of our paper, glass, cans and cardboard.. We still send waste to landfill but are continually trying to cut our waste down even further and have plans to install our own giant composting unit.

Our land train (photo on left) is largely powered by recycled chip fat.

The south-facing plant beds, overlooking our second restored lake, Llyn Uchaf,, are a spectacular use of recycled material. They are mulched with a layer of slate waste from Welsh quarries which not only retains moisture but also deters slugs. Maybe you would like to try this at home!

For a sustainable future….

We can all reduce, reuse and recycle more. 

  • Keep shopping bags in the car boot or handbag/pocket so that you don’t have to use ones at the checkout in the supermarket each time. 
  • Don’t buy fruit and veg wrapped in plastic – after all you will wash them before you eat them! 
  • Take clothes to charity shops. 
  • Have a scrap paper tray at school to use for wet playtimes and for rough work. 
  • Collect items such as mobile phones & glasses to either raise money for a charity of your choice or for your school. 
  • Reuse yogurt pots etc for craft and for growing seedlings.