Carmarthenshire is a beautiful county and Paxton’s View offers you one its finest scenic panoramas. Here you can gaze across the spectacular Tywi Valley, where the River Tywi snakes its way through gentle green hills and on through the grazed floodplains, or listen to the mewing call of the buzzards that soar overhead. Try and imagine the rich variety of wild flower and wildlife that live in this stunning landscape. How do you think humans have modified the land over the centuries?

Standing proud on the horizon just north of here is Paxton’s Tower, now owned by the National Trust. This was built in tribute to Paxton’s friend Admiral Lord Nelson after he was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. It can be seen framed in the metal circle of ‘Pi’, a sculpture by Rawleigh Clay Near this sculpture is a low semicircular wall. If you face this wall while standing in the middle of the cobbled ground, you will discover an echo spot.