I have two figs in tubs. One of them grew so tall that I cut the top off. Was that the right thing to do? How should I look after them to ensure a crop of ripe figs? I have been feeding them now and again with tomato fertiliser.

The secret with plants like figs is to know their cropping habit. Figs produce fruits where a leaf joins the stem so, therefore, the more leaves you have, the greater the cropping potential. The pruning methods adopted to achieve this end involve an annual renewal pruning, whereby a quarter in quantity of the oldest stems are removed each year in spring before bud-break, leaving a 2-inch/5cm stub that new shoots can grow out from. Then, in early- to mid-summer, pinch out the shoot tips of all the current seasons growth that have produced at least five leaves. This then causes more buds to break, so more shoots and leaves are produced, and thus more fruits. Figs will produce two crops a year. Outdoors, the second crop usually fails to ripen so they do work better if grown under glass. The best form for a fig to grow in is a fan, preferably against a south-facing wall. You have certainly done the right thing by restricting the roots, as this causes panic in the plant and it puts extra effort into fruit production. Giving your plants Tomato feed will be beneficial, but I find all fruits like an annual application of well-rotted manure in Spring.