The Earth’s atmosphere is getting hotter.


It’s us – human beings. The things we buy, the way we travel and heat out homes, the food we eat. These actions put a lot carbon dioxide (CO2) into the Earth’s atmosphere. This CO2 traps heat – a bit like wearing too many clothes on a warm day.

Is this bad?

Probably. The Earth’s ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and weather across the world is less predictable.  People and wildlife are struggling to adapt.

Won’t Wales be warmer and drier?

Hard to tell yet. There’s a chance we could get colder and wetter. Wales’ Climate Change Strategy will tell you much more about this.

The Garden has got a weather station that records temperature, rainfall, wind speed and how brightly the sun is shining. It will help us, and you, track changes to Wales’s climate.

Click here to see what the weather has been, is and might be doing.

Would you like a weather station? Skyview are a company that donated the basic weather station to us and we bought extra features such as UV and solar radiation monitors. Their website provides advice on purchasing a weather station for work, home or school.