The Earth is undergoing rapid climate change that is largely being caused by us – human beings. We are also using up many of our valuable natural resources. This means we all need to reduce the amount of energy we use.

Here at the Garden, we are trying out some new green technologies and ideas to combat climate change and reduce the resources we use. We’d like to share these with you – you might find them useful in your home, workplace, school or college.

Here’s a 3 minute film about our commitment to sustainable development and further 3 minute film by  Carbon Trust Wales about our biomass boiler

We’ve created a new cartoon character, Lili Lloyd, to illustrate these ideas. Lili is based on the Snowdon Lily (Lloydia serotina), a lovely white flower that grows on the hillsides of Snowdonia in North Wales.  It is likely to become the first plant in the UK to become extinct due to global warming.

Follow these links to find out more about what we’re doing and what you can do.

Weather Station

Conserving Water

Natural Waste Water Treatment

Sustainable Energy

Green Growing

Performance Stage

Waste and Recycling

Educating for Sustainability

Plants and Climate Change Trail

These pages and the Green Technology Trail  Green Technology Trail have been funded by the Welsh Government through its National Science Academy. The Lili Lloyd cartoons were made by Cardiff-based Paul Broughton Design.