Biomass heated water heats up our Stable Block, Principality House, Great Glasshouse and nursery glasshouses.

What does biomass mean?

It’s stuff from plants that we can burn to create heat and energy – especially shredded wood.

Is this good for the environment?

Sure is. Plants soak up CO2 and release the same amount when they are burnt – this is carbon neutral energy.

Where does the wood come from?

Trees in the Garden & Wales’ large forests.

Can it be used in your home?

Yes. A stove can heat one room and all your hot water. Biomass boilers are heating up an increasing amount of office spaces too.

If you’d like to know more here’re a couple of documents to help you.

One is by the Carbon Trust – Biomass Heating a practical guide for potential users

The other – Biomass – A Burning Issue - is by Nick Grant and Alan Clarke