On a hillside, overlooking our Lower Broadwalk, our Ice House is a great example of new and old green technologies.

It’s a building where ice used to be stored 200 years ago – before electric fridges and freezers were invented. This ice was mainly used to keep the wealthy landowner’s food fresh.

Where did the ice come from?

Some ice was collected from winter frozen lakes. But most was bought from merchants selling blocks of ice hacked from Scandinavian glaciers.

A green technology?

The light inside the Ice House is solar powered.

The grey box in the front also doesn’t need mains electricity. The power of you turning the handle and a small solar panel on top, allows sound to come out.

This is a new green technology developed by the Port Talbot based company  Blackbox AV. We’ll soon be loading onto here the soundtarcj from this – it tell you about life 200 years ago. We’ve got another sound box in our School’s Allotment.