Wales is constantly on the move with free energy – it’s a windy country.

We’re using a small wind turbine to power the lights around the Welsh Water Discovery Centre.  It is a Marlec Rutland 913.

You could use this in your house?

On a windy day this generates up to 72 watts of power.

What happens if it’s not windy?

Power is stored in a 12 volt battery.

Are you interested in having a small scale wind turbine to help power your home, school, college or business?

If so, householders should have a look at  ‘How to Install a Microwind Turbine‘ and businesses should see this short piece of advice from the Carbon Trust.


There are a large number of companies that supply small scale wind turbines. We’re not yet in a position to recommend any in particular.

What about large scale wind turbines?

These are very contentious and we think the Garden is a good venue to come and debate their good and bad points.      Let us know if you’d like to either run or attend a debate here by leaving a coment below.