Jane’s came to the Garden in 2008 with a background which includes Zoology (BSc hons) and Environmental Management and Conservation (MSc).  She trained as a teacher and taught, mainly GCSE and A level biology, in a number a different secondary schools in South Wales before leaving the formal education sector in 2003 to work for a local environmental education charity in Swansea (The Environment Centre). Whilst at The Environment Centre, she was responsible for the development and delivery of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) to the schools in Swansea through workshops for pupils and CPD courses for teachers. She has co-published a number of documents on policy writing and the successful implementation of ESDGC in schools for which she has received recognition in the European Parliament.

Since joining the Garden Jane has overseen the development of some fifty different curriculum linked programmes for schools. She delivers a wide range of CPD courses for teachers and is responsible for the development of Lifelong Learning courses. Jane has a personal interest in sustainable development, in gardening, and particularly in growing food.  She has been extremely successful in developing the range and reach of the Garden’s delivery across the age spectrum from early years to lifelong learning.