Weekly walks and surveys for Garden members and Volunteers

First Bluebells

We were very pleased to find that the Moth trap set up in Trawscoed Meadow had actually worked.  The results weren’t that spectacular but fascinating to those of us who were newcomers to Lepidopterology – the study of Moths and Butterflies.  In all we had 6 Hebrew Characters and 2 or 3 Clouded Drabs.  Imagine […]

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Mating Beetles

The 25th November 2012 saw the start of the creation of the Diamond Wood , in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.  And on a very wet and muddy area by Woods of the World over 2000 native trees were planted, Wild Cherry, Rowan, Hazel, Birch, Oak and others – but sadly no Ash due to […]

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Mating Snails

This week we were very pleased to welcome Marie Evans to the group and she, during the course of the walk asked me, ‘what do you do when it pours with rain?’  To which I replied, ‘It doesn’t rain on Tuesday mornings.’  Not quite true since it has rained on two of the fifty eight […]

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Having apparently solved last weeks problems with the moth trap we watched patiently as Marigold carefully removed the sodden egg-boxes – but nothing.  The trap did appear to have worked judging by the fact that the battery was partially discharged and light bulb worked when tested.  But the overnight rain and wind had obviously discouraged […]

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Although the weather was not up to our usual Tuesday morning standard, after the initial wetness it stayed dry, though rather windy and dull.  This meant that we didn’t see any of Butterflies or Honey Bees, though there were quite a few Bumblebees around, mainly Buff tail Queens with the occasional White, not to mention […]

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Hornor Paintings

This week we decided to try to match up the Hornor paintings with the current landscape.  There were two which were of particular interest to us, that from the side of the mansion overlooking Cae Blaen on to what was Llyn Mawr and the birdseye view of the whole of the estate.  Of course, Llyn […]

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Mammal Tracks

The previous week we had been looking for mammal tracks in Trawscoed meadow and found evidence of those of Bank and Field Voles.  We are hoping that by  plotting the whereabouts of these and larger creatures such as Badger, Fox and Rabbits, we can build up a picture of the mammal wildlife in the Garden. […]

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For the third Tuesday morning in a row we had glorious sunshine.  Quite amazing considering the rather extreme February weather that we have had, the Garden itself being closed on 2 days due to high winds. As the last bird count was a month ago the intention was to do the same again so that […]

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Tree Lichens

When Bruce first suggested that survey for Tree Lichens, the first questions I asked were, what do they do and what function do they perform in the eco-system?  We didn’t really know, so we did what we always do, we Googled.  And this is what we found. ‘Lichens account for approximately 8 percent of the […]


Trawscoed Meadow

This meadow is conveniently near to the Stable block and the visitors car park and both it and its surroundings offer a a range different habitats.  So it is likely to become the focus for research on a wide variety of subjects in the coming years. This Tuesday, apart from one brief shower, turned out […]

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