Ymddiheurwn nad yw’r tudalennau hyn yn Gymraeg eto. Mae cynnwys y wefan yn cael ei gyfieithu cyn gynted ag y mae ein adnoddau mewn rhaglen dreigl yn ei ganiatau ac fe fydd ar gael cyn gynted â phosibl. Rydyn ni’n croesawu cynigion i wirfoddoli yn yr Ardd, yn enwedig os ydych yn rhugl yn y Gymraeg. Os ydych yn barod i helpu, edrychwch ar ein tudalen gwirfoddoli am fwy o wybodaeth. Byddwn ni’n falch iawn i glywed oddi wrthoch chi.

In the 4th quadrant of the Double Walled Garden you’ll find a modern kitchen garden, reflecting its original use. Like early 19th century gardeners, we grow our fruit and vegetables organically. We don’t use pesticides or herbicides, nor do we grow hybrids. To keep down pests, we use companion plants to draw harmful insects away from crops. Honeybees from our Bee Garden also help to increase yields.

Have a look in our Children’s Allotment whilst you’re here. Here you’ll not only see food grown by Welsh schoolchildren but also a bug hotel, water butt, compost area and a greenhouse made from plastic drink bottles. In front of the greenhouse is a metal box – turn the handle to hear some more about the way we grow food here.

Do organic fruits and vegetables taste nice? You can judge for yourself in our Season’s Restaurant. Our cooks regularly use a selection of freshly picked crops from the Double Walled Garden.

For a sustainable future…

We need to cut down on the use of artificial fertilizers due to their long term impacts on soil and protect soils in our gardens and allotments by regular mulching.

  • Try and grow some of your own food even if it’s in a pot it’s still home grown!
  • Buy seasonal food – this will not have been forced on in heated greenhouses
  • Buy local – buy Welsh/British – it’s good for the economy, jobs and the environment!

If you want to attract wildlife to YOUR garden, here’s a few tips.