(English) Curator’s Blog – mid-April 2013

(English) Curator’s Blog – mid-April 2013

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  1. Lloyd Thomas says:

    We are just about to plant up the garden of our new house in Swansea. Our local garden centre is well stocked but they cannot tell us where the plants came from. My wife is particularly keen to buy local produce so I suggested that we visit the gardens and take a look in your garden centre. Can you give me an idea of the general range of plants that you have in stock that you have grown yourselves and any other plants that you have that are produced locally. We are particularly looking for shrubs, herbaceous perennials and plants suitable for rock gardens and containers. Also can I ask if you use peat in the compost and do you sell a peat free compost .
    Thank you, Lloyd Thomas

  2. bogardens says:

    Thank you for your enquiry. We are currently only raising herbaceous perennials in house and not shrubs (these we buy in). Our plants are in peat free compost and have sufficient nutrients in the compost mix for a good 3 months.

    The range of plants is currently modest including Ligularia, Pulmonaria, Helleborus, Solidago, Actae, Geranium, Epimedium, Astrantia and a number of others. We have locally produced herbs available but most everything else is sourced more widely at this moment.

    We do not sell peat free compost.

    Simon Goodenough