Weekly walks and surveys for Garden members and Volunteers

Millennium House Sparrows

This Tuesday was one of those very rare wet days(!) so we took the opportunity to investigate the Great Glasshouse.  Of particular interest were the Sparrows as they have been the subject of a study to see how they are ‘evolving’ within this habitat.  This Millennium study also involved the two glasshouses established at the […]

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First Bluebells

We were very pleased to find that the Moth trap set up in Trawscoed Meadow had actually worked.  The results weren’t that spectacular but fascinating to those of us who were newcomers to Lepidopterology – the study of Moths and Butterflies.  In all we had 6 Hebrew Characters and 2 or 3 Clouded Drabs.  Imagine […]

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Mating Snails

This week we were very pleased to welcome a Marie Evans to the group and she, during the course of the walk asked me, ‘what do you do when it pours with rain.  Do you do it on another day?’  To which I replied, ‘It doesn’t rain on Tuesday mornings.’  Not quite true since it […]

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