(English) Feathered Friends

(English) Feathered Friends

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  1. Dawn says:

    I also, visited the great glass house when the weather was bad, by the time we got there we were very wet and a bit battered by the wind. I had two young children with me, the opportunity to give the children some time,in a garden setting without the terrible weather was most enjoyable. We too are fasinated by the birds and inspite of the very noisy two year olds, we had a good collection feeding birds on our, dropped crumbs. We took lots of photographs and the children were very happily entertained for more than an hour with just the birds. So I think that you were just unlucky on your visit and the school children almost certainly had the birds.
    I am a new member at the gardens and already think you can’t get better value for your money. Myself and the children will be very regular visitors no matter what the weather does.

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