(English) Lambing

Having apparently solved last weeks problems with the moth trap we watched patiently as Marigold carefully removed the sodden egg-boxes – but nothing.  The trap did appear to have worked judging by the fact that the battery was partially discharged and light bulb worked when tested.  But the overnight rain and wind had obviously discouraged the moths.

So putting aside that disappointment we drove off to the volunteer centre at Pantwgan farm where we had a delightful time looking at the new-born lambs.  Even better one of the white-face Lleyns was clearly about to give birth and Huw brought her centre stage so that we could watch – our very own lambing live.

There are three breeds of sheep at the farm, the white face Lleyn, the Llanwenog, which look very much like Shaun the Sheep, and a Texel-Charollais cross.

As well as the lambs we were entertained by a couple of Bullocks which had just been let out into the meadow.  They were testing each other out.

Further along the path leading from the farm we came across some Badger paw-prints.  Maybe not such good news bearing in mind that, after eighteen months of being free from TB three of the Cows and the Bull had just tested as possible reactors.  And seeing a farm like this brings home just how difficult it is to keep wild animals and livestock apart.

But on a more positive note the glorious sunshine enable us to appreciate the lovely colours of a Red Kite soaring overhead, one of a pair which flew around for a while.  And even higher in the sky, almost seeming to disappear into the clouds were a pair of Buzzards.

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