(English) Wildflower day

This Tuesday, ahead of the Wild flower day on Sunday, we had decided on a bioblitz on the Trawscoed Meadow where the event was to take place.  This week, as well as the usual group of Howard, Michael, Jan, Keith, Marigold and Hannah, we were ably assisted by Cameron, a work experience lad.  He was very good at catching insects and his young eyes proved extremely useful in spotting things that we missed, including a very tiny Waxcap and the gorgeous Emperor Moth Caterpillar which was crawling along the road seeking a place to pupate.

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Thanks as always to John James for his photos and if any volunteer or member is interested in joining us, or even starting something similar on a different day, then send an email to Colin Miles – also if you see or photograph anything exciting in the Garden. If you click on any of the images in these blogs, or anywhere else you will see a larger picture. And if you click on the Wildlife Walks heading on the left-hand side under News you will see a list of the last 10 Wildlife Walk blogs.

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