This pebble-lined fountain spirals like the cross-section of an ammonite, a long-extinct sea creature. The Welsh name for this area is ‘Clych Edward Lhuyd’, commemorating the Welsh botanist, geologist and linguist who was one of the founders of palaeontology. You might notice that plants around here represent the Welsh national colours of red, white and green.

The fountain is fed by water that snakes down the length of the Broadwalk along a winding pebbled Rill. This was inspired by the beautiful meandering River Tywi, which flows through the nearby valley. The Rill is a metaphor for the graceful curves of nature and emphasises the importance of water at our Botanic Garden. It was built and designed by Anthony Jellard Associates and Hal Moggeridge.

From the Circle of Decision, you have three choices of pathway.