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Local beekeeper Chris Adam created this bee garden as a home for up to a million honey bees. One of his main motivations for doing this was to highlight the importance of bees to our natural environment and demonstrate the need to conserve bees.  In 2005 we opened the Bee Garden Viewing Gallery. A wooden structure with honeycomb shaped windows, it allows you to get up close to the honey bee hives and find out more about these fascinating insects and the plants they feed on.

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The Apiary & its Surroundings

The Importance of Bees to the Botanic Garden

Bee Hives


European Honey

Winter Plants for Bees

The apiary is planted with species that provide a rich source of nectar but it’s always fascinating to look out where else in the Botanic Garden they will choose to feed. Also, watch out for bees drinking from the stream in the Japanese Garden. Obviously you should always take care around bees but, unlike wasps, they are not likely to sting unless they feel threatened.