The 220 metres long avenue which divides the Garden is known as the Broadwalk, one of the longest herbaceous borders in Britain’. From spring to autumn, this Garden ‘spibne’ is a blaze of colour as geraniums, penstemons and salvias mix with day lilies and sneezeweeds. Later on, winter flowering shrubs mix with the coloured barks of maples, birches and dogwoods. A network of small paths, which thread through the Upper Broadwalk, allow you to get up close to all of these beautiful plants.

It begins at the Gatehouse, passes the `Circle of Decision` fountain, shaped like the cross section of an ammonite, and leads, via a rill, to the upper fountain, the Mirror Pool, to the west of the Great Glasshouse.  The shape and course of the rill  is inspired by an aerial view of the Towy Valley river – kids love playing in it as you can see in this lovely short video featuring comedian Rhod Gilbert.

Autumn sees some lovely autumn colour in the trees, shrubs and grasses of the Broadwalk.  Here’s what our Broadwalk Horticulturalist Daryll Little has to say about our ornamental grasses.

Witch hazels and snowdrops brighten up a winter’s day here. have a look what Daryl has to say about them. Bookmark and Share Copyright © 2016 National Botanic Garden of Wales