Through its historical association with the Physicians of Myddfai, this part of Wales has a special historical relationship with medicinal plants.

We created this garden in 2003 to give our visitors an idea of the variety of medicinal plants from Wales and around the world, and the uses they have been put to. Visitors also get the chance to see the actual plants featured in the jars and drawers in the Apothecary’s Hall.

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The Apothecaries’ Garden is divided into 12 themed beds – Greco-Roman Medicine, Pharmacy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Aromatics, Culinary, Economics, Physicians of Myddfai, Doctrine of Signatures, Superstition & Symbolism, World Medicine and Strewing Herbs.  Apothecaries, from Wales and beyond, would have used these plants to treat all manner of ailments. Click here for more details about each themed bed.

Kristina Patmore, our former horticulturalist who was in charge of the Apothecaries’ Garden, has given an interview to the American VisitWales website about her love of medicinal plants. Have a read.