The most significant environmental art installation ever to come to Wales has taken root at the National Botanic Garden.

As ambitious as it is stunning, Ghost Forest is 10 giant hardwood tree stumps – highlighting the alarming rate of deforestation.

The trees, which have been in Trafalgar Square and outside the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen, have found a new and permanent home at the Carmarthenshire attraction, secured jointly by the National Botanic Garden in partnership with the charity, Size of Wales.

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The trees were brought to Europe from a commercially logged forest by the artist Angela Palmer. It was a massive logistical exercise.

Her aim was to highlight deforestation and the depletion of the world’s natural resources after learning that a tropical forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every four seconds.

“The trees in the Ghost Forest, most of which fell naturally in storms and have their roots intact, are ‘ambassadors’ for rainforests worldwide,” said Ms Palmer. “The absence of their trunks is a metaphor for the absence of the planet’s lungs through deforestation.”

She brought the trees from deep in the Suhuma forest in Ghana, West Africa, with the full co-operation of the loggers and the Ghanaian authorities. The largest is 300 years old and weighs 19 tons.

They were transported to Carmarthenshire from Oxford on 10 low loaders on July 28, 2012 and installed on the 29th – the BBC captured some great pictures for us. John Corbett also made a short film of its installation on the east side of the Great Glasshouse.

The Garden’s Director, Dr Rosie Plummer said the Botanic Garden was an ideal custodian for the trees: “It is a significant honour that its final resting place is to be the National Botanic Garden.

“It really does underpin and reinforce the Garden’s core messages of sustainability and conservation –it will also be a lot of fun to be able to touch and run about between these giant trees. How many people will be this close to a rainforest in their lives?”

Want to know more?

You can watch this half hour film or perhaps this 90 second film will do.

Check out the wonderfully informative Ghost Forest website too.

What is the Size of Wales?

Size of Wales gets its name from its mission to protect 2 million hectares of rainforest – 2 million hectares being the size of Wales. These 2 million hectares are made up of 19 projects in 15 countries in Africa and South America. Find out more at the Size of Wales website.