‘A brilliant day. The activity was very well organised, set at a level all children could understand, and the programme provider interacted very well with the children.”    Wick and Marcross Primary.

All our programmes are specially designed by us to support and enhance STEM learning, the skills framework, ESDGC, Healthy Schools and/or Eco Schools through active learning experiences.

If you want to know how our programmes link into the curriculum, have a look at our have a look at our Programme curriculum links. Now here are the regular programmes that we offer.

Tedwen’s Adventure

In this highly popular programme we invite your children’s Teddy bears to join our Tedwen on an adventure through meadows and woods to find the Secret Pond. On the adventure, children discover other friendly animals who teach us how to survive in the Garden and help us find food, drink and shelter. Available all year round

Tedwen’s NEW Adventure

Come and see Tedwen and share in her adventure as she searches the Garden for a special friend! This new programme is specially designed to introduce children to different types of relationships by using the characters from our very popular Tedwen’s Adventure. It explores loneliness, bullying, sharing and friendships in a safe and friendly way. Available all year round

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

Explore the different parts of the Garden as you hunt for that elusive bear! Children are challenged to use their senses whilst going on an adventure around the Garden bringing this brilliant story to life.

  • Please note that this programme, even though based on the book, does not set out to recreate it and therefore the Bear Hunt will differ from the original publication. We use our outside spaces to tell our story but if the weather is really bad we reserve the right to move the story inside.

Available all year round

Sowing and Growing

What is a seed? What makes it so special? Why do they come in so many different shapes and sizes? Learn more about seeds and how a plant starts to grow.   Pupils will make have the opportunity to look inside a seed and answer these questions. They will make paper  pots and plant seeds to nurture  back in school. This programme supports a school healthy eating programme, Eco Schools recycling programme and encourages children to grow plants for wildlife. Available all year round

Seasons at the Garden

Why do birds sing and bluebells appear in the Spring?  Why is Summer such a hive of activity? Why do leaves fall in the Autumn? And where’s everyone gone in the Winter? Nature has important cycles  in each of its four seasons –   come and experience them here at the Garden.  Activities and games help children enjoy the magic – whatever the weather! Available all year round

Wet and Wonderful

Why do sticks float and stones sink? Why does water flow and what makes a puddle disappear in the sunshine? Experience water in all its glory, a safe and exciting day at the garden exploring fountains, waterfalls, rills, ponds, lakes and water sculptures. Investigate the properties of water and why its needed for life. Available March to October

Mud Pies, Dens and Wriggly Things

What’s crawling through the grass and who’s making that noise? Who’s running up that tree? Through story and role play children discover some of the ways in which different minibeasts and other animals live and survive in our woodlands.  They will make webs and dens, play the camouflage game and make animals using mud as their modelling clay! Available March to October

Seasonal Programmes

A Caring Sharing Christmas

Will Robin Goch have enough to eat for Christmas Dinner? Looking at living things in their environment with a seasonal theme, find out how to help Robin Goch and his friends survive the winter. Available November to December

Christmas Crafts

Come and make Christmas Decorations out of natural materials and learn about the origins if some of our most popular Christmas traditions.

Available November to December

Making more of your visit

In addition to a taught programme See the largest single span glasshouse in the world. Experience a tropical climate. Visit the shop and Art Gallery. Buzz down to the Apiary to see the bees. Take a Welsh Country Walk Bring a healthy recyclable lunch.