Here be dragonflies

Here be dragonflies

Dragonflies are the centre of attention for a special day at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

Join expert Deborah Sazer for a dragonfly and damselfly walk around the ponds, lakes and marshland of the Garden on Wednesday July 9th.

There will be two walks, 12-1pm, and 2-3pm, both beginning at the main visitor entrance. Suitable footwear is recommended as the paths may be uneven and wet in places.

The Dragonfly and Damsel Fly Walks are free with normal admission into the Garden, which is £8.50 adult, £7 OAPs, £4.50 Child (5-16) and under 5s are free.

For more information about the Garden, email or call 01558 667149.

5 Responses to “Here be dragonflies”

  1. Terry Jackson says:

    Pleased can you confirm the date of the dragonfly talk ☺

  2. Roger Knight says:

    Ooops this item contains no date but some ?html code?

  3. Terry Jacksont says:

    Please can you confirm the date of the dragonfly talk

  4. David Hardy says:

    Thanks for your interest, Terry. Dragonfly Day is Wednesday July 9th and the expert-led talk-tours around the ponds and lakes takes place at 12noon and 2pm. If you need to know more (or different), just let us know

  5. David Hardy says:

    We are having some, erm, technical difficulties right now, Roger. Sorry for any confusion