On course for better pictures

On course for better pictures

If you’ve been inspired by the International Garden Photography of the Year exhibition at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, now’s the time to focus on a special workshop running alongside the show.

The ‘Better plant and garden photography’ course is run by IGPOTY founder and director Philip Smith and takes place in the Garden Gallery on Saturday April 27, from 10am to 4pm.

Says Philip: “This is an all-day workshop aimed at photographers of all abilities and no specific level of expertise is expected. A morning lecture and discussion will be followed by a session photographing in the spectacular gardens. If wet, we will work in the Great Glasshouse.”

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The aim of the day is to provide practical tips and tricks to help you improve – but also to give you a chance to question and explore your whole approach to garden photography, says Philip. Topics covered will include macro, depth of field, composition, digital processing, and learning  about  light and colour.

The cost of the course is £36 including VAT (£30 inc VAT for Garden members). Philip’s book accompanying the course will be on sale (cash only) and they are £10 or £15. Meet at the Gallery for 10am.

Philip adds: “Remember, the day is more about exploration and discovery than it is about taking wonderful pictures on the day.”

Bring your camera – with a full battery, please – and a storage card (any format). If you have a DSLR or compact system camera with interchangeable lenses you will get more out of the day than if you use a simple compact camera.

To book, please call 01558 667149 or email info@gardenofwales.org.uk

* There are more IGPOTY workshops on Saturday June 8, Saturday July 20 and Saturday September 7

* The International Garden Photographer of the Year exhibition continues at the National Botanic Garden of Wales until September 15.

4 Responses to “On course for better pictures”

  1. Bruce Campbell says:

    Can I book a place on the plant and garden photography course on 8th June please?

  2. Bruce says:

    Hello Bruce.
    You can certainly book a place.
    We’re not yet in a position to take your details online so could you ring our Gatehouse team 01558 667149 and they’ll take your details.

  3. Trevor Owen says:

    After attending the course on the 27th April I believe this course is not value for money, to come away after 6 hours with four photos is very disappointing to say the least, I did not think Philip explained things very clear to new photographers in the group, I would not recommend this course to any one.

  4. Andy Revitt says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course on the 27th April, it helped me find my mojo. I do agree with Trevor’s comment that explanation on the more technical aspects might not have helped those new to photography, but there was much to learn, composition, light etc. Regarding the ‘four photos’, time was quite limited for reviewing individual photographs and the feedback was really useful, but yes it would have been better to have had more time making images, but working within the timescale did help focus the mind.