The Fossil Big Bash

The Fossil Big Bash

Do you like fossils?

Would you like the chance to be the first person to set eyes on plants that died hundreds of millions of years ago?

Then the National Botanic Garden of Wales is the place to be on Sunday March 24th from 12-3pm.

The South Wales Geologists’ Association will be coming along with a lorry full of fossil-rich rock.

They’ll have goggles, hammers and chisels for you to use to split open these rocks. If you’re lucky, you’ll come face to face with the fossilised remains of long-extinct forests that covered all of Wales more than 300 millions of years ago.

Rock experts will also be on hand to talk to you about these magnificent, ancient coal-forming forests and about the Rock of Ages, Wales’ largest outdoor geological display that runs along the Garden’s beautiful Broadwalk.

A ‘We Will Rock You’ trail leaflet will also take you to some of the Garden’s most interesting stones.

* For more information, contact the Garden’s interpretation officer Bruce Langridge on 01558 667162 and

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