We aim to improve the biodiversity value of our grasslands through a programme of targeted management and restoration. We will increase the area and improve connectivity of our rhos pastures and lowland meadows (both of these habitats are conservation priorities within the local, regional and UK Biodiversity Action Plans).


Waun Las Grassland Vision showing NVC Habitat Classifications


Most of the changes will come through careful management of our grasslands using the Waun Las herd of Welsh Black cattle, but we are also investigating more extreme conservation measures. We recently translocated 300 square metres of rhos pasture, from a site where it would have been lost due to development, to a suitable donor site within Waun Las NNR. One of the key species we hope to conserve in this translocation is the meadow thistle (Cirsium dissectum), an important indicator species for this habitat type and the subject of a project as part of our Welsh Rare Plants Project. The following photos show the meadow being moved and a close up of the meadow thistle.