Two and a half years

Feb 26th 2013 – Sept 4th 2015. When we first started out over two and a half years ago we didn’t know how our walks would work out or indeed how often we would be able to do them. Fortunately John had chosen the best morning of the week and ‘Tuesday morning weather’ has become […]

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Refugia, Moths and Wildflowers

June 23rd and 28th: Unfortunately the Moth trap battery wasn’t charged, so no Moths on the 23rd. However, it was put out in time for the Wild Flower day and, as can be seen from the photos below, this gave the best yield of the year so far. In the absence of Moths we opted […]

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Moths and Orchids

June 9th 2015: Last Saturday Richard Pryce led a group from the Carmarthenshire Wildlife Trust on a very enjoyable and informative Wild Flower walk in the Waun Las Hay Meadow. It was still a little early for the Butterfly Orchids to be in flower, but we did see quite a lot of them in bud. […]

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Don't miss Wales Wildflower Day

Don’t miss Wales Wildflower Day

The National Botanic Garden is hosting the third annual Wales Wildflower Day on Sunday June 28. Nature lovers will get the chance to get up close and personal, not only with a whole host of wildflowers, especially the orchid-rich meadows, but with the insects, butterflies and moths which mingle with the wild plant life. Visitors […]

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Apr 7th 2015: A gloriously sunny, warm day, in complete contrast to last week. And the Moth trap which John had set out worked so Marigold was able to show us all the first Moths of the year, including the splendid embroidered one she was wearing! The total count, apart from those which escaped were: […]

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Late Spring

Mar 24th and 31st. The mean temperature for the year so far has been less than 5C, with both February and March being cooler than January. So the grass isn’t growing, the Snowdrops are bidding us a reluctant farewell and the Daffodils are still a bit undecided as to whether they should open or not. […]

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Moths Galore

June 3rd 2014 – dry and dull. Whilst John and Marigold were collecting the Moth trap from Trawscoed Meadow I took the opportunity of counting the Purple Orchids in the first part of the meadow. The first count had totalled, 23, then 29 the next day, 49 a few days later, and today over a […]


Growing the Future Wildlife

May 13th 2014. Most gardeners and allotmenteers are all too familiar with the certain aspects of wildlife. The Slugs and Snails, the Cabbage White Caterpillars, Bean Weevils, Cut Worms, Cabbage Root Fly, Aphids and a host of other unwelcome insects. Not to mention the various fungi, bacteria and other nasties like Potato Blight, Ring Spot […]

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The beauty of Moths

Tuesday 6th May 2014. Although it had rained overnight we were delighted to find that the Moth trap which John had set up in Trawscoed Meadow had at last yielded results. So for the next hour or so we crowded around a couple of tables in the courtyard and watched as Marigold carefully lifted out […]

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Grebe chicks, Fungi and Freshwater Surveys

The signs are that this will be a good year for¬†fungi and during the past 3 weeks we have gradually been assembling a fine selection of photos, many of which we are uncertain as to their names.¬† Last week, above the waterfall in Pont Felin Gat on the section leading up to the bridge were […]

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