The Boat

Sep 9th 2014 – Another glorious, sunny day! This week we decided to use the boat to try to reach the little island in the far corner of Llyn Uchaf. So Huw transported the boat from the old farm buildings to a section of the lake where we were able to actually get into it. […]

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Fungi and Pollinators

Sept 2nd 2014 – hot! This year all kinds of wildlife have been ‘early’ and the presence of Waxcaps and other Fungi in various areas, not just in the Garden, prompted us to turn our attention to what is called the Waxcap meadow in Waun Las. But as well as this Bruce was keen to […]

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Violets, a Butterfly and Moths

Aug 26th.  During the previous two weeks the group has been busy clearing vegetation in Trawscoed woods next to the visitors car park, creating a bit more light as well as getting rid of a lot of the bramble and other weeds.  This week was the time for planting – Dog Violets.  There are already […]

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Mainly Moths

June 17th – Due to my indisposition I have not been able to post anything for the past 7 weeks.  Below is a splendid group of photos that were taken by John James. Identifying moths is never straightforward as can be seen from the following emails! There are a couple of wrongly-named moths in the […]

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Too numerous to count

June 10th 2014  – dry and humid. As any reputable Meteorologist will tell you, there is no such thing as average weather.  Last year we had prolonged spells of very cold weather and the Spring was very late.  This year has been a complete contrast and the Winter has been exceptionally mild with no more […]

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Moths Galore

June 3rd 2014 – dry and dull. Whilst John and Marigold were collecting the Moth trap from Trawscoed Meadow I took the opportunity of counting the Purple Orchids in the first part of the meadow. The first count had totalled, 23, then 29 the next day, 49 a few days later, and today over a […]


Orchids galore

May 27th 2014 Weather – Cloudy, dry and cool though it did get rather sticky later on! Orchids were the theme for today and as we had rather a lot of ground to cover we split up into two groups.  One went by car to the outer reaches of Waun Las in order to survey […]

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May 20th 2014.  Weather – Mild, cloudy, damp Unfortunately the Moth trap set up in Trawscoed Meadow  failed to operate so no Moths to record from there. But later on we did see some day-flying Moths, including one which Marigold, our Moth expert had never seen before.   And quite a lot of Blue Butterflies down […]

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Growing the Future Wildlife

May 13th 2014. Most gardeners and allotmenteers are all too familiar with the certain aspects of wildlife. The Slugs and Snails, the Cabbage White Caterpillars, Bean Weevils, Cut Worms, Cabbage Root Fly, Aphids and a host of other unwelcome insects. Not to mention the various fungi, bacteria and other nasties like Potato Blight, Ring Spot […]

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The beauty of Moths

Tuesday 6th May 2014. Although it had rained overnight we were delighted to find that the Moth trap which John had set up in Trawscoed Meadow had at last yielded results. So for the next hour or so we crowded around a couple of tables in the courtyard and watched as Marigold carefully lifted out […]

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