The Candyfloss Fungus

As a result of a brilliant talk the previous Friday on Hedgehogs by Dawn from the Gower Bird Hospital we had 4 new volunteers joining us on a gloriously warm, but extremely humid late September day.  A big welcome to Anne, Barry, Joan and Hazel. So taking advantage of the weather the twelve of us […]

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What are these Fungi?

This week something a little different.  There was a walk in Pont Felin Gat and John took lots of photos of Fungi.  Trouble is we don’t know the names of most of them.  So can you help? [Show picture list] Slideshows require the Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support. [Show picture list] Slideshows require the Flash Player and […]

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The Great Glasshouse

Well it had to happen – a wet Tuesday morning in Wales!  And as it had been correctly forecast we were prepared.  As Bruce said, noone has really looked at insect life in the Great Glasshouse or the Tropical House. So this seemed an excellent time to do just that, otherwise winter would be on […]

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Tree survey

The health of trees is a subject that has recently been in the news with the decision in to fell larch trees around the lake at Bwlch Nant-yr-Arian, near Aberystwyth, because they have been infected with a fatal tree disease, Ramorum.  Nearer home we were pleased to hear that the earlier reports of Ash dieback […]

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Grebe chicks, Fungi and Freshwater Surveys

The signs are that this will be a good year for fungi and during the past 3 weeks we have gradually been assembling a fine selection of photos, many of which we are uncertain as to their names.  Last week, above the waterfall in Pont Felin Gat on the section leading up to the bridge were […]

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Tree Bumblebees

The original intention last week had been to collect wild flower seeds from the Trawscoed meadow.  However, after much discussion, consultation with the manual and advice from our curator, Simon Goodenough, this idea was abandoned.  But not before we had kitted Bruce out as can be seen from the photo below.  The problems with the […]

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Butterflies and Lakes

Last week we set out with the intention of monitoring Butterflies, as part of the Big Butterfly Count.  However, although the weather was still quite warm and humid, it was dull and not only were there almost no Butterflies around – we saw one White in the Double-Walled Garden – but there very few other […]

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Voles, Mice and Shrews

Over the previous weekend Michael, with the aid of Iwan, Cameron and Simon,  had been setting up Longworth small mammal traps in various places around the Garden.  They were baited to start with but left open as the idea was to get the animals used to them.  These lightweight aluminium traps are  designed to capture […]

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Wildflower day

This Tuesday, ahead of the Wild flower day on Sunday, we had decided on a bioblitz on the Trawscoed Meadow where the event was to take place.  This week, as well as the usual group of Howard, Michael, Jan, Keith, Marigold and Hannah, we were ably assisted by Cameron, a work experience lad.  He was […]

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Orchids and Horse Flies

Last Monday John, Howard and myself continued with the Butterfly Orchid count in the NorthTrawscoed meadow, which is at the start of the Welsh Country Walk..  Unfortunately some of the marker poles that had been left behind the previous Tuesday had disappeared, so it took a while to work out the area that had already […]