Sorry but we only allow guide dogs in.

Our main concerns are the possible threat of disease to our gardeners, the potential damage to valuable collections, the visual mess that can be left by irresponsible owners and the fear that some dogs can create in some of our visitors and especially, schoolchildren

We manage an estate of more than six hundred acres and would not have the resources to ensure that it was free at all of times of any animal mess. This, we would be both morally and legally obliged to do. In addition, a significant contiguous part of our estate comprises organic sheep farmland.

If I can’t bring my dog in to the Garden, do you have an exercise area for dogs?    Yes, there’s a nice walk around the outer perimeter of Garden.  You can also bring your dog to our Plant Sales cafe where we can provide your dog with water.

Do you have under cover parking so I can leave my dog in the shade during the summer months?

Our car park is bisected by tall hedges which provide some cover but we agree with the RSPCA guidelines on dogs in cars. We therefore advise on warmer days, you should not bring your dog and leave it in the car.