90% of all the food served in our catering outlets is prepared and cooked on site by our in-house catering team.

In our Seasons Restaurant we use seasonal vegetables and fruit grown in our organic Double Walled Garden and lamb & beef from our organic farm on Waun Las NNR.

We endeavour to use Non-Genetically Modified food products.We are able to cater for customers’ dietary needs. We have 2 or 3 vegetarian options on offer every day and we have recently introduced a Healthy Eating Buffet menu into our Corporate Package. We use Fair Trade products, helping to improve working conditions and guaranteeing fair rates of pay for Developing World producers.

Much of the waste produced by the catering department is currently being recycled. All glass goes for recycling as does cardboard, paper and plastics. The used cooking oil goes for processing to be turned into Bio Diesel, some members of staff already use biofuel in their cars.