The Garden is proud of its eye-catching, prestigious artworks which reflect humankind’s relationship with the natural environment.

Temporary Artworks

From January 30th – March 15 2016, our Art Gallery in the Stable Block is showing an exhibition ‘Plants and their place’ by Angela Kingston. 

This is an exhibition of work related to her lifetime passion for observing, drawing, and painting plants in their life-cycle of change. In her Garden series of paintings she explores the relationship and tension between plants as a poetry of marks, the linear tangle of plants from behind, coming through, catching a fleeting moment in time, changing by their own life-cycle and sense of place.

Permanent Artworks


We have some stunning outdoor sculptures by internationally renowned artists. At the Gatehouse is ‘Thirty Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight’ by Marion Kalmus, a huge inverted cone of glassy sheets, where running water continually cascades down the inner side, illuminated by up-lighting. Its simple beauty presents a stark warning to us all – etched onto the glass is the number of plant species threatened by extinction in the year 2000.

Moving up the Broadwalk is Scaladaqua Tonda, created by William Pye. The name of this water sculpture means ‘curving water steps’. Both this and Marion Klamus’s sculpture were commissioned with funds kindly donated by The Derek Williams Trust.

Running down the Broadwalk from the charming Mirror Pool is a curving Rill. Its shape was inspired by the meadering path taken by the River Tywi, which flows just a kilometre north of the Garden.

Over on Paxton’s View, ‘Pi’ by Rawleigh Clay is positioned in such a way as to create a viewing circle of Paxton’s Tower. ‘Pi’ was been kindly donated to the Garden by the Contemporary Arts Society for Wales.

Just below, in our Wild Garden, is ‘Tarw’ the Welsh Black bull, by Sally Matthews.  This sculpture was commissioned for the National Botanic Garden of Wales by the Contemporary Arts Society for Wales (CASW).

If you’d like to create some art here yourself, take a look at our Lifelong Course programme to see if we are running any art based courses which might suit you. .